Assuring Business Continuity & Faster Resilience in Unprecedented Times

As practically every nation, company, & individual in the world grapples with the COVID-19 situation and its implications, it’s a testing time for all of us. With the economies of both developed and developing nations impacted to various degrees, there is an immediate need for all governments and agencies to adapt to the new normal.

Cigniti is supporting global organizations across industries to serve their customers with utmost efficiency & seamlessness. Over 2500 of our Quality Engineering & Software Testing experts are prepared to help you deploy a robust response plan to the crisis, assure & secure business continuity, and achieve resilience to sail through these testing times.

Zero-touch technology

To build a contactless ecosystem

Medical device testing & Healthcare & Life Sciences testing

To offer round-the-clock support to our frontline workers

Security testing and compliance testing

To render the notorious cyber-attacks ineffective

Agile & DevOps testing

To support your need of performance & scalability

Real-time insights & analytics

To facilitate informed decision-making for the leaders

To ensure minimum impact to the delivery of our services, we have:

enforced multiple security features to uphold the security protocols in remote working conditions


strengthened our Security Testing CoE and teams to serve the increasing security testing demands


allowed access to enterprise wide real-time communication for seamless communication among remote teams


augmented our IT infrastructure to support our employees working from home


Cigniti is committed towards ensuring that your applications are secure, reliable, and robust. We are making continuous efforts to ensure business continuity and stability for our customers and employees alike.

Let’s together #SayNoToBadSoftware

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