Diego Lo Giudice

Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving Application Development & Delivery Professionals at Forrester

We need to test more, better and faster... Continuously

Accelerating digital transformation is increasingly a top priority for CIOs and the entire QA fraternity. Forrester’s latest report says up to 93% of companies agree that innovative technologies are necessary to reach their digital transformation goals. Certainly, Digital Transformation is dependent on better-quality software testing matters more than ever. In a hyper-connected and complex environment, this is where AI-driven & continuous testing can help.

AI improves the digital customer experience by helping enterprises deliver robust & more personalized service. The quick Agile cycle and automation driven DevOps facilitates continuous integration and continuous testing practices. Shifting testing to the left shifts focuses on delivering quality@speed. Register for the event to gain first-hand insight on AI-led digital transformation from Diego Lo Giudice, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester.

Glimpses of the Workshop

Thank you, Diego Lo Giudice (VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester) for conducting such an insightful session on ‘AI & Continuous Testing to Accelerate Digital Transformation” on 13th November at SFO. QA & QE Leaders across industries had a deep dive session about AIIAs, a need to test them and the AIIA testing framework at the session that was hosted by Pradeepkumar Govindasamy, President & CTO, Cigniti Technologies.